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Dr. Ralph Muchow

Inducted 1988


Dr. Muchow was the table tennis champion at Northwestern University from 1935—40. He was the Illinois state titlist in Men's singles and doubles in 1937, 38, and 39. Ralph was the number one ranked player in Illinois from 1937—40 and ranked number two nationally in 1939 for both men's and mixed doubles. Championships won: National Intercollegiate Doubles Championship representing Northwestern University - 1937. Middle Western 1936—40; Utah, Idaho, Oregon, and Wyoming Championships 1937—38; singles and doubles Chicago District champion 1937—39 and singles and doubles champion at five different bases while in the military 1941—45. He was elected to the U.S. team to compete in Japan (1938) and played on an International team against Hungary in 1938 and 1939. Ralph has also won Elgin singles and doubles championships for twelve consecutive years (1946—57), retiring undefeated.