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Robert "Bob" Pleticha

Inducted 2017



Robert "Bob" Pleticha is inducted for his achievements in weightlifting and as a friend of sports. Bob is a four time World Champion weightlifter in the World Masters Powerlifting Association. Competing in the 242 pound weight class, he won the 1982 Greensboro, NC championship with a combined total lift (squat, bench press, dead lift) of 1945 lbs, the 1986 Sande, Norway championship with a total of 1933 lbs. the 1990 International Powerlifting Association championship (Perth, Australia) with 1779 lbs, and the 1995 World Powerlifting Championship (Columbus, Ohio) with a total of 1733 lbs.  In addition, Pleticha is a 15 time National Powerlifting Association champion and was named among the Top 25 Supermen of the 20th Century in two weight classes: number 10 in the 242 weight class and number 16 in the 275 weight class.  As a friend of sports, Bob founded the Elgin Sharks Track Club in 1980 for the youth of Elgin with the goal of instilling healthy habits and alternatives, as well as maintaining good health through running.  The program has grown to an average of over 100 participants (many come from underprivileged backgrounds) annually from Elgin and the surrounding communities; they are trained and developed to enable many to compete in state, regional, and national competition, where many have experienced great success.  The training and discipline that began with the Elgin Sharks Track Club has assisted numerous athletes to earn college scholarships for running or racewalking.  The Amateur Athletic Union presented Pleticha with its Presidents National Leadership Award (2007), and he was inducted into the Judson University Athletic Hall of Fame in 2016.