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Vic Masi Award

The Vic Masi Award is given and presented by the Elgin Sports Hall of Fame Foundation Board of Directors. This award is a special way of recognizing those who have contributed to the Elgin Sports Hall of Fame, to athletics and sports in the city of Elgin, and/or to an Elgin school or schools. It is a truly special recognition award for those who have served behind the scenes or at the forefront of athletics in Elgin. Thus, the Victor M. Masi Outstanding Service Award will be presented by the Elgin Sports Hall of Fame Foundation Board of Directors to a person or organization that has made a significant, long-lasting contribution to the Hall of Fame, the City of Elgin, or its schools. In selecting recipients, voluntary service will be one of the major considerations.


Patrick Sharpe – 2021 Victor Masi Award Recipient

Patrick Sharpe is the 2021 recipient of the Victor Masi Service Award for his work with youth football.  Pat served as president of the Elgin Pee Wee/Pop Warner youth football program from 1976 – 1988.  He was instrumental in bringing the Pop Warner system that evenly matched age and weight of boys in the program.  During this time, Sharpe worked  to develop Ducky Drake Field by adding a new scoreboard and acquiring the former locker room and turning it into a concession stand.  Pat added new helmets and body vests for all players for added protection and also added pom squads to involve more girls in the cheerleading program.  In addition, he worked with high school coaches Ray Haley and Ron Ellett to develop feeder programs to the high schools.  Later, he became the Midwest regional manager for Pop Warner football to cover a five state region and develop a “Little Scholar” program to include academics with football/cheerleading.

Mark Sharf - 2020 Vic Masi Award recipient

Mark Sharf received the Victor Masi Service Award for his long and dedicated service to local high schools and the Elgin Sports Hall of Fame Foundation.  Mark served in various capacities at local high schools.  At St. Edward Central and Streamwood High, he was the athletic trainer for the football and basketball teams for numerous seasons for each school.  Following that, Sharf volunteered as a scout and team assistant for the Elgin High girls basketball team for 11 seasons.  Beginning in 2004, Mark has been a volunteer on the Elgin Sports Hall of Fame Board of Directors.  During that time, he has served as vice president for three years, president for three years, and as a member of the executive board for eight years.  He originated the Legacy (Donor) program and has served on numerous committees - golf, scholarship, ballot and team recognition.

Ron Meyers - 2019 Vic Masi Award recipient

Ron Meyers is the 2019 recipient of the Victor Masi Service Award.  Ron is a 24 year volunteer at the Elgin National Little League.  During that time, he has served as vice-president of the Boys Division, manager or coach in the boys and/or girls softball division since 1995, head groundskeeper since 1998, and director of the Hamm's Tournament since 1996.  In addition, Meyers has helped start the Little League Fall Ball Program at Elgin National, is the current vice president of tee ball, coordinated events for Elgin National's 50th and 60th anniversaries and the Hamm's Tournament 50th anniversary, and been a volunteer at the 12 year old All-Star Girls Softball Regional Tournament.  He has also helped with securing various upgrades to Elgin National including new lights, pavilion, concession addition, and bleachers.

Dick Fitchie - 2018 Vic Masi Award recipient

Dick Fitchie has been selected as the 2018 recipient of the Victor Masi Service Award by the Elgin Sports Hall of Fame Board of Directors.  He joined the Board of Directors in 2000, serving as president and vice president.  Fitch was the originator of the Elgin Sports Hall of Fame Foundation Golf Outing (2006) as a means to raise funds for the organization's scholarship fund.  He chaired the golf committee until his passing in 2017; through his leadership, the outing has raised over $175,000.  In addition, Dick was a lifetime member of the St. Edward Booster Club, where he was a major donor and fundraiser for new bleachers, was involved with the Greg True luncheon for over 30 years, and helped initiate and implement the Greg True Scholarship Fund.  Fitchie was also a member of the St. Edward Foundation Board, serving as president for three years.

Deryl Carter - 2017 Vic Masi Award recipient

Deryl Carter received the Victor Masi Award for his long and dedicated service to youth sports in Elgin.  In 1984, Deryl organized the YMCA Youth Basketball League and administered it for over a decade.  The program taught basketball fundamentals to elementary boys and girls as early as second grade.  He included high school basketball players as coaches, giving them the opportunity to increase their basketball knowledge and leadership skills.  Deryl also coached softball and baseball for many years, starting with softball with the Elgin Area Softball League (1982).  When that league disbanded, he became involved with Continental Little League where he coached softball at every level.  His Big League All-Star teams made consecutive appearances in the Big League World Series in 1984 and 85, finishing fourth and third respectively.  Deryl made a significant contribution to the families on the southwest side of Elgin with his vision, leadership and volunteer service in the expansion of the Continental Little League complex.  Expansion took years to complete, and he was asked to take the lead in its construction.  Carter was also one of the first coaches recruited to coach the newly established Junior Royals basketball team in the 1980's.  Since then, he has been daughter Corry's assistant girls basketball coach at Whitney Young High School and also serves as a certified volunteer coach for son Deryn's Larkin Royals boys basketball team.

Dennis DeBoer - 2017 Vic Masi Award recipient

Dennis DeBoer received the Victor Masi Award for his dedicated service to the Elgin Sports Hall of Fame Foundation, the St. Edward Central Catholic High School's athletic programs and Elgin area youth sports.  Dennis was one of the original 100 charter members of the foundation in 1980.  Later, he joined the board of directors and was a member for 32 years, during which he served as president and was a driving force in membership growth.  He was devoted to St. Edward's and its athletic programs, as he was very involved with the Green Wave's Ladies basketball program, especially at the junior varsity level, and also helped coach the special teams for the junior varsity football program.  Among other groups that Denny volunteered his time with were St. Mary's Grade School boys basketball, Trout Park Teener Baseballl League and the Elgin High golf team.

Frank Celarek - 2016 Vic Masi Award recipient

The 2016 Victor Masi Service Award was presented to Frank Celarek.  Frank has been a St. Edward Booster Club board member from 1989 to the present.  During that time, he has served as president and vice president and run numerous Booster Club activities, including the golf outing, the Pot of Gold fundraiser, and the Super Bowl raffle board and dinner.  In addition, Frank has organized, prepared, and worked concessions for all home football games from 1990 to the present, organized and hosted regional tournaments for girls volleyball and basketball, organized father/daughter and mother/son dances, and started the "E-mail News Blast" which includes a sports data base for all St. Edward teams beginning in 2014.  He has also announced girls volleyball and basketball games at the school for over 25 years.

Robert Todd - 2015 Vic Masi Award recipient

Robert Todd received the 2015 Victor Masi Outstanding Service Award for providing service to Elgin area youth sports.  Robert coached baseball for over 20 years.  This included time spent with Little League, Travel teams, the American Legion Post 57 team, and the Larkin High School summer league varsity team.  He has also served as the general manager for the American Legion Post 57 team.

Robert’s involvement with youth in Elgin was not limited to baseball.  He has spent over 30 years as a coach of both boys and girls gymnastics.  Todd was very instrumental in keeping the sport of gymnastics alive at Larkin High School, as he was the director of the Larkin Gymnastics Academy for 20 years.  In addition, he ran summer gymnastics camps for students from 4th grade through college, serving over 1500 men and women during his 28 years in the program.  Many of his students went on to excel at both the high school and college levels.

John O'Haire - 2014 Vic Masi Award recipient

John O'Haire received the 2014 Vic Masi Service Award recipient for his 40+ years of service to little league.  Beginning as a volunteer umpire in the Elgin Continental T-Ball program in 1973, John has served as a coach, vice president of the minor leagues, manager and coach of the senior girls softball team, vice president, secretary, executive vice president, and acting president in the league through 1994.  He then joined the board of District 13, the adminstrative agency for Little League programs in North Central Illinois in 1994 and has been the safety officer of the district since 1996, overseeing the "Safety Awareness Program" efforts.

Mike Bailey - 2013 Vic Masi Award recipient

Mike Bailey, the recipient of the 2013 Victor Masi Service Award, volunteered over 35 years to Elgin area youth in baseball and football.  From 1976-1979, Mike served as a manager with the Elgin National Little League Cardinals for eight years, All-Star manager two years (including a state championship in 1975), and league president for three years.  From 1977-1989, he was the head coach of the Elgin American Legion team.  Bailey returned to Elgin National League as a coach, manager and member of the executive board from 1995-2010.  He has also coached in the Elgin Teener League and for Elgin High School summer and fall league teams.  In addition, Mike was involved with the Elgin Peewee Football Program for eight years as a head coach for the lightweight Packers, heavyweight Packers and the Bengals travel team (1972-1979).

Joann Jolitz - 2012 Vic Masi Award recipient

Joann Jolitz was the originator of the softball programs for girls in Elgin.  Her efforts in the 1970’s were the foundation on which many of today’s programs are based.  She was co-founder of the Elgin Girls Softball League when four teams of nine to twelve year olds were formed in 1973.  In 1974 Jolitz helped organize the league under sanctioning of Little League Softball.  She served as vice-president of the National Little League in charge of girls softball beginning in 1975. That same year, the Elgin National Little League team won the Illinois state championship, the first for an Elgin team in girls Little League softball.  In 1976 Joann formed the Senior Division at the Elgin Continental Little League.  She served as vice president for girls softball from 1976 through 1978.  In 1978 the Continental Senior League All-Stars finished 5th in the nation.

Past recipients of the Victor M. Masi Outstanding Service Award are: James Biggins, Ken Barnhart, Carol Biggins, David Covey, Dave St. John, Don Wojciechowski, Maxine Turek, Bill Lauderdale, Bill Vincent, Ron & Kathie Lange, Bob Pleticha.