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Orlow Davis

Inducted 1999


Orlow was known as the “Father of Elgin Little League Baseball” for organizing the first 4 team “National” League in 1951.  He was the league’s first secretary and served as the district administrator from 1952 until 1965 which was, at that time, the longest term ever served in such a post.  In 1951, he read in Readers Digest magazine about little leagues.  He researched it and presented a plan to the Elgin Civic Association to sponsor a program in Elgin.  Orlow was chairman of the organization committee and arranged for the National Chairman of Little League from Williamsport, Pa. to come to Elgin to promote the program.  Over 1000 boys tried out for the first 60 roster positions.  Davis immediately contemplated a minor league system so the rest of the boys could play.  By 1970, the Elgin National League had grown to 24 teams at the major and minor level and was one of four little leagues in the city.