Scholarship Recipients

Although the Elgin Sports Hall of Fame has several missions, one of its main focuses is to provide scholarship money to student athletes. These young women and men must live in and/or attend high school in Elgin, have excelled in their area of competition, and are seeking to further their education at the college level.

Vic Masi Award

The Vic Masi Award is given and presented by the Elgin Sports Hall of Fame Foundation Board of Directors. This award is a special way of recognizing those who have contributed to the Elgin Sports Hall of Fame, to athletics and sports in the city of Elgin, and/or to an Elgin school or schools.

Outstanding Achievement

The City of Elgin has a rich and extensive tradition of athletic excellence. Each year individuals and teams in youth, adult and senior competitions add to this tradition. The Board of Directors selected 120 individuals and seven teams for recognition. Each individual and team received an Elgin Sports Hall of Fame  Outstanding Achievement Award Certificate.

Lifetime Achievement

The Elgin Sports Hall of Fame celebrates individuals for their lifetime dedication to the Elgin area sports community.

Team Recognition

Established in 2015 to recognize and honor outstanding teams from Elgin’s past. Nominated by members of the foundation, a maximum of two teams are selected annually by the board of directors. High school teams must be a varsity team in an IHSA team sport that advanced to the state final tournament or had an undefeated regular season, while college teams must have had a top four finish in a state or national competition.