Nominations and Voting Criteria

Induction Selection Criteria
A “candidate” on this criterion is a person nominated for induction, whose accomplishments have been verified and who has been voted on and added to the ballot by the Board of Directors.

Eligibility Standards

  1. Candidates must have participated in a sport sanctioned by an organization having state, national, or international status.
  2. Achievements of candidates shall have been superior among participants in the same sport.
  3. Candidates must be connected by residence or place of achievement within the City of Elgin.
  4.  A candidate shall have been out of his/her sport for 5 years (an athlete from his/her last athletic competition) with the exception that a person who reaches the age of 50 may become a candidate despite the fact he/she continues to participate in the sport or activity.
  5. The Hall of Fame Board Members are eligible for nomination and induction into the Elgin Sports Hall of Fame providing that they meet all other eligibility requirements. Persons inducted into the Elgin Sports Hall of Fame may serve on the Foundation’s Board.

Induction Voting Guidelines

No more than five candidates shall be inducted each year. A member may vote one time each for up to eight (2009) candidates each year.

A candidate will be removed from the ballot if a) he/she fails to receive 10% of the vote from the membership for five consecutive years; b) he/she averages less than 10% of the membership vote over a 10-year period; or c) he/she does not gain induction after 15 years on the ballot. A candidate removed from the ballot cannot be added back to the ballot for a minimum of three years.

Induction voting by the Board of Directors shall be held in conjunction with the meeting when the ballots of the membership are counted.

Induction by the Membership

Candidates receiving votes on at least 30% of the membership ballots shall be inducted.

If more than five candidates receive votes on at least 30% of the ballots, the top five candidates shall be inducted. If necessary, ties for the final spot shall be decided by a vote of the Board of Directors.

If no candidate receives votes on at least 30% if the membership ballots, no candidate shall be eligible that year for “induction by the membership.”
Induction by the Board

  1. The Board of Directors, with a minimum 60% vote of those members in attendance, may select candidates for induction based on the chart below.
  2. The Board may nominate and vote for only those candidates that have appeared on the ballot submitted to the membership.
  3. When nominating and voting for candidates, members of the Board of Directors shall take under strong consideration the number of votes a candidate received from the membership and the candidate’s history of support.

Induction Formula

NUMBER INDUCTED BY BOARD 0 0-1 0-2 0-3 0-4 0-5
TOTAL OF CANDIDATES INDUCTED 5 4-5 3-5 2-5 1-5 0-5