Although the Elgin Sports Hall of Fame has several missions, one of its main focuses is to provide scholarship money to student athletes. These young women and men must live in and/or attend high school in Elgin, have excelled in their area of competition, and are seeking to further their education at the college level.

Thanks to the generosity of those who have supported the Scholarship Fund through 2024, $827,700 has been contributed to advancing the education of these fine Elgin area students (over 600 to date!).  As of 2024, $1,700 scholarships are presented to 30 student athletes annually.  Recipients are from Elgin Academy, Elgin High School, Harvest Christian Academy, Hampshire High School, Larkin High School, St. Edward Central Catholic High School, Streamwood High School, South Elgin High School, Burlington Central, and Westminster Christian School.

2024 Scholarship Recipients

Logan Leaver, Larkin High School
Carter Novelli, Larkin High School
Enzo Novelli, Larkin High School
Quetzali Lara, Larkin High School
Brynn Kerber, Larkin High School
Olivia Salazar, Larkin High School
Kenzie Anderson, Burlington Central High School
Ryan Kries, Burlington Central High School
Steven Boldt, Westminster Christian School
Olivia Harynek, Westminster Christian School
Ryan Zonts, Elgin Academy
Kaden Dawson, St. Edward Central Catholic High School
Josh Pottorff, St. Edward Central Catholic High School
Morgan Lutzow, St. Edward Central Catholic High School
Caitlyn Madsen, St. Edward Central Catholic High School

Chloe Rivera, Elgin High School
Jocelyn Bardesi, Elgin High School
Maile Fuller, Elgin High School
Lamyni Spates, Elgin High School
Maddox Hollian, Elgin High School
Edgar Perez, Elgin High School
Salome Patino, Elgin High School
Kaden Meeker, Harvest Christian Academy
Isabelle Abraham, Harvest Christian Academy
JJ Gonnam, Harvest Christian Academy
Kaylin Olson, South Elgin High School
Nicholas Martinez, South Elgin High School
Joseph Ochoa, Hampshire High School
Daniel Kinney, Elgin Community College
Sarah Duque, Elgin Community College

2023 Scholarship Recipients

Nick Gouriotis (Central High School)
Ava Elders (Central High School)
Noelle Lanton (Elgin Academy)
Kristian Davis (Elgin High School)
Jack Allen (Elgin High School)
Adam Lambaz (Elgin High School)
Trinity Evans (Elgin High School)
Meredith Henry (Elgin High School)
Alyssa Wysuph (Elgin High School)
Jinni Jimenez (Larkin High School)
Baylei Johnson (Larkin High School)
Nicole Nosbisch (Larkin High School)
Hector Flores-Caceres (Larkin High School)
Anthony Mora (Larkin High School)
Jacob Smith (Larkin High School)
Maria Ferrer (Larkin High School)

Joseph Costabile (Hampshire High School)
Ben Zielinski (St. Edward Central Catholic High School)
Morgan Sajtar (St. Edward Central Catholic High School)
Ivy Burnett (St. Edward Central Catholic High School)
Morgan Poole (St. Edward Central Catholic High School)
Paige Whalen (South Elgin High School)
Jackson Lee (South Elgin High School)
Nathaniel Ephrem (Westminster Christian School)
Nathan Siers (Westminster Christian School)
Annika Learned (Harvest Christian Academy)
David Peterson (Harvest Christian Academy)
Daniel Winkelman (Harvest Christian Academy)
Gavin Crofoot (Elgin Community College)
Mia Kraft (Elgin Community College)

Your contributions are essential to provide these valuable scholarships to our local students.

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