Although the Elgin Sports Hall of Fame has several missions, one of its main focuses is to provide scholarship money to student athletes. These young women and men must live in and/or attend high school in Elgin, have excelled in their area of competition, and are seeking to further their education at the college level.

Thanks to the generosity of those who have supported the Scholarship Fund through 2022, $724,700 has been contributed to advancing the education of these fine Elgin area students (606 to date!).  As of 2022, $1,700 scholarships are presented to 30 student athletes annually.  Recipients are from Elgin Academy, Elgin High School, Harvest Christian Academy, Larkin High School, St. Edward Central Catholic High School, South Elgin High School, Burlington Central, and Westminster Christian School.

2022 Scholarship Recipients

Taylor Charles (Central High School)
Gavin Sarvis (Central High School)
Will Wascher (Elgin Academy)
Sydney Galsan (Elgin High School)
Sarah Erickson (Elgin High School)
Sarah Caldwell (Elgin High School)
Yayha Arastu (Elgin High School)
Clemon McCullough II (Elgin High School)
Ethan Spitzer (Elgin High School)
Cannon Lambert (Harvest Christian Academy)
Madison Ellett (Harvest Christian Academy)
Carson Welsh (Harvest Christian Academy)
Ella Richter (Harvest Christian Academy)
Kailey Cronin (Larkin High School)
Jamarion Stubbs (Larkin High School)
Giselle Ayala (Larkin High School)
Michael Hibbler (Larkin High School)

Audriana Escobar (Larkin High School)
Fernando Perez Jr. (Larkin High School)
Max Kaufman (St. Edward Central Catholic High School)
Robert Wilson (St. Edward Central Catholic High School)
Delaney Nolan (St. Edward Central Catholic High School)
Brooke Biggins (St. Edward Central Catholic High School)
Sophia Scheider (St. Edward Central Catholic High School)
Kendis Wiley (South Elgin High School)
Alexis Salazar (South Elgin High School)
Karla MacKnight (Westminster Christian School)
Justin Glanzer (Westminster Christian School)
Jordan Wilkins (Elgin Community College)
Kaley Kowal (Elgin Community College)

2021 Scholarship Recipients

Mark Ganziano (Burlington Central)
Elana Wells (Burlington Central)
Reece Zonts (Elgin Academy)
Natalie Gonzalez (Elgin High)
Darien Jackson (Elgin High)
Delfina Jorgenson (Elgin High)
Jeffery Lomax (Elgin High)
Noah Mack (Elgin High)
Sabrina Moskow (Elgin High)
Hayden Colclasure (Harvest Christian)
Daniel Doby (Harvest Christian)
Matthew Olech (Harvest Christian)
Alexandra Shepherd (Harvest Christian)
Trace Boley (Larkin High)
Elizabeth Bowman (Larkin High)

Kathy Garcia (Larkin High)
Adam Maloy (Larkin High)
Trevor Matison (Larkin High)
Katie Turner (Larkin High)
Abbigail Thornton (South Elgin)
Mia Castro (St. Edward)
Adriann Franco (St. Edward)
Thomas McQueeny (St. Edward)
Liam Pomeroy (St. Edward)
Joe Sacco (St. Edward)
Grace Vitek (St. Edward)
Elijah Hoon (Westminster Christian)
Laura Martinez (Westminster Christian)
Drew Conn (Elgin Community College)
Anayei Perez (Elgin Community College)

Your contributions are essential to provide these valuable scholarships to our local students.

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