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Andrew Solyom

Inducted 2000

Elgin High School Class of 1925


Andrew Solyom was a standout player on the Elgin High School basketball teams that won back-to-back championships in 1924 and 1925. He was recognized by his 1924 coach, Mark Wilson, for "converting from a center to a back guard in just 10 days." He received national attention in 1924 while playing in the national high school tournament against Canton when his defensive effort was reported as "one of the best exhibitions ever witnessed on the University of Illinois floor." At the 1925 national tourney, Solyom was among those to receive honorable mention. As his high school career ended, the Courier News reported, "Solyom is ripe for any college team at the present time. As a back guard he has no match in prep circles about this part of the country." He went on to play with high school teammate Doug "Gaga" Mills at the University of Illinois.