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Dr. John R. Tobin

Inducted 1999



Nominated as a friend of sports, Dr. Tobin dedicated much of his life to athletics. He was the team doctor for Elgin High School's football and basketball teams for 30 years, sitting on the bench for all home games. Born in 1877 in Gilberts, Dr. Tobin played on the first Elgin High football team to play a full schedule. He played football at Elgin High 4 seasons and at Elgin Academy for 2 more. He attended Rush Medical School in 1896 and played football for 4 seasons, serving as captain in 1900. At that time, Rush played the Big 10 schools and Notre Dame. Tobin also organized, managed, and equipped the Westend semi-pro baseball team for 4 years. The team advanced once to the national semi-pro finals. Dr. Tobin passed away in 1948.