The Beginning:

Growing up in a neighborhood filled with kids playing pickup games in the streets gave me a great opportunity to hone my athletic skills and make lifetime friendships.  Playing Hot Box and pickup games with the kids in the neighborhood, as well as daily batting with my brother sparked my interest at 9 years old to play baseball.

My parents agreed to my plea to play baseball instead of softball and I set out to compete in minor league baseball at Elgin Continental Little League. My coaches were amazing during my four years playing baseball. Always supportive of the only girl in the league at the time.
The summer before my freshman year of High School, I knew it was time to make the move to the softball fields.

I was picked up by the Orbits that summer and was coached by Marlene and D Carter. This was the start of really understanding how much I love the game of softball.

Elgin Sports Hall of Fame Scholarship Recipient:

That summer prepared me for my HS softball career.

My freshman year I was called up to play varsity softball as a catcher. A position I had played a few times in the past mainly because I wanted to put on all that gear more than anything. I had four amazing years playing at Larkin High School. Four years throwing out runners, supporting our pitchers and hitting softballs as hard as I could.  My last achievement at Larkin was being awarded the Elgin Sports Hall of Fame scholarship.

This scholarship was my first experience with the Elgin Sports Hall of Fame. I attended Elgin Community College and received an athletic scholarship which allowed me to use the ESHOF scholarship to pay for my books. As helpful and special as that scholarship was to me back in 1992, I would have never thought that the ESHOF would someday be such a big part of my life again.

Elgin Sports Hall of Fame Inductee:

In 2019 I received a phone call from Ben Erickson and Ron Lange stating that I was going to be included on the ballot for induction to the ESHOF. What a nice surprise that was! Sure enough, I was voted by the members of the ESHOF to be inducted that year.  This is a moment I’ll remember forever! Anne Vogt – Elgin Sports Hall of Fame Induction – 2019

Since my induction in 2019, I had served on the board and served as the chair of the membership committee. I am proud to be a part of such a positive and rewarding organization.

ESHOF Membership:

Our goal is to continue to increase membership and involvement in the ESHOF from local community members. We are working hard to get in front of our community to explain what the ESHOF is all about. A new website will be launched this year increasing the ease of becoming a member. With that said we want new members; we need new members to continue to assist local athletes with scholarships.  We will continue to honor great Elgin athletes from the past and present and look forward to what the future holds for Elgin athletes and the ESHOF!

If you’re interested in having a personal conversation about membership, feel free to reach out to me at If you’re ready to join and become a member today, click here!